The Drive is fitted to a ‘Caddy’ bought from ebay. The Caddy works with other Drives so not that. The Drive just sits there, no clicking but doesn’t spin either. Seagate 160Gb Model: ST3160022ACE S/N : 5JS5W3PD P/N : 9W6024-266 HDA P/N : 100374955 CONFIG : VHJ-01 FIRMWARE : 9.51 Any chance you have a replacement PCB for this Drive?

I just noticed that my 2TB WD My Passport portable hard drive has corrupted. It is not being detected by any laptops and the fan seems to not be spinning on the portable drive. It was also making odd noises at one point. Can you please help me recover it? I have very important videos on there. Furthermore, should they be recoverable, would I need to buy a new 2/3TB Hard drive for you to import the data on to?

Need to recover deleted text and Whatsapp messages from a Samsung S7 Edge from a particular sender at

My hard drive (WD My Passport Ultra) stopped working and whenever I plug it in it makes a peeping sound at intervals. I read this is often a symptom of the disk being corrupted. Would you be able to diagnose it and see if you can recover any data(I have a lot of photos on it)? If so, how much would this cost and would you be able to collect it by noon tomorrow as i’m travelling for 2 weeks.

I have a 4 x 1tb Nas on Raid 0 configuration. Not sure if it is a firewall issue or whether the NAS is corrupted. It has been starting up intermittently, but now can’t find it on the network.

I’m in possession of my faulty Apple iMac Hard Drive. The hard drive failed in the middle of uploading photographs into the cloud, meaning it contains a numbers of pictures I didn’t have backed up. I sent the mac in for repair and they replaced the hard drive. I then sent the hard drive to a competitor of yours who confirmed they’d be able to recover my photographs but wanted to charge £600 for the pleasure. That’s way more than I’m willing to pay for one folders worth of holiday photographs and would almost cover the cost to go back and re take the pictures. So the good news is that it looks like the data is recoverable.

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