i’ve a small Seagate outside hard disk. The laptop recognises powers up the hard drive however is not able to see the desktop or examine files. The power keeps making the identical clicking noise. The drive is no showing up

4Tb Seagate: The message came up: ‘The disk dependent is corrupted and unreadable‘. i’ve run a chkdsk and a recuperation programme. The documents are there however I cannot get admission to them. Any help you can provide would be liked

WD Passport mechanical fault, it’s far ticking. could you please deliver me a idea of value to get better the statistics.

I needed hard disk actuator considering my hard disk isn’t always operating

Hard disk spins up then powers off want the information off it

i’ve an external harddisk that has failed on me after I tried to do a cleanup. There are photographs which I need to get over it which is the maximum important, but I also have a few sensitive statistics on there as properly. I tried a recovery however handiest got partway because it turned into so sluggish. Please propose whether you may help.

My mac regonises my lacie porsche layout 2tb hd with usb c connection, but it won’t allow me open any of the documents. i used to be wondering if i could get a quote on how a great deal it would be to restore it and the term it’ll take to achieve this, thanks very much

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