When Christmas is nearing, there is usually a lot of debate on the internet about whether people should use real Christmas trees or artificial Christmas trees. Traditionally, Christmas was celebrated in homes with a real Christmas tree being at the center of the whole Christmas celebration. Nowadays, real Christmas trees are being replaced by real looking artificial Christmas trees in most homes.

If you look at the online debates on this topic, most people say that this trend favoring real looking artificial Christmas trees is good. Instead of cutting down thousands of trees every year just for a religious festival, it is better to use artificial Christmas trees which can be reused over and over again. Artificial trees do not cause any environmental hazard whatsoever, Modern artificial trees offer a lot of safety and features which make the part of decorating the trees with Christmas tree ornaments easy. Moreover, with the availability of readymade pre-lit artificial Christmas trees, the trouble of setting up the lighting on the trees is completely eliminated.

However, In spite of all the benefits offered by artificial Christmas trees, there are still some traditional people who prefer real trees over the artificial ones. But, such people are in the minority these days.

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